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TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES in the World – Apple, Amazon and many more.!!

APPLE & AMAZON are the only two companies to be valued at $ 1 TRILLION in total.

In this run there are some other companies as well, who are aiming to become the next company to be valued at $ 1 TRILLION.

Trillion dollars company in the world
Trillion dollar companies

List of companies according to their needed growth to be at $ 1 TRILLION. of value.

$1 Trillion companies.
Companies to be at $1 Trillion. Source – CNBC

Now lets take a look at the companies which have the highest expected growth this year /-

Future $1 trillion companies.
top 10 companies which have the highest growth expectation Credit- CNBC

Now lets have  a detailed look at the companies which are just behind APPLE & AMAZON to be next $ Trillion Company.

  • MIRCOSOFT  /- #1 Company to be at $ 1 Trillion.


Mircosoft at $1 trillion.
Mircosoft to be the next company at $1 trillion.

Microsoft as a brand doesn’t need any introduction.

This is perhaps one of the oldest companies which is there and is continuously providing technology and computer application software solutions to customers all round the world.

Bill Gates who is worlds richest man is the man behind this epic company.

Currently this company is valued at approximately  $ 850 Billion.

In the recent financial year this company made profits of around $ 30.1 Billion, which is around 17% increase in profits from the recent year.

This company is known for having a very good reputation in terms of providing proper and regular dividends to its shareholders.

The company is estimated to cross $ 1 Trillion mark late this year by the world economists.

  • Alphabet – Google /- #2  Company to be at $ 1 Trillion.

Google to be next Trillion Dollar Company
Google – Worlds biggest search engine

Google is the most known brand in the world, but what most of the people don’t know is that Google is not only worlds most used search engine but has a prominent market share in providing other services like E-mail, Video surfing site, Assistant etc.

No wonder that Google is in this list of reaching $1 Trillion.

Currently Google is valued to be at roughly at $815 Billion. The profits made by the company in the latest financial year was around $32.7 Billion which is an increase of 13.7 percent in its market cap.

Majorly the company which takes all the profit for Google is Alphabet as it is the parent company of Google.




  • Berkshire Hathaway /- #3 Company to be at $ 1 Trillion.

berkishwire hathaway company
Owned by Warren Buffet – Berkshire Hathaway

This company is also very famous among the investors all around the world. This is because of the fact that the owner of this company is world’s greatest investor of all time – MR. WARREN BUFFET.

The company has achieved countless number of milestones in the guidance and leadership of Mr. Warren Buffet.

Current valuation of the company is estimated to be at $494 Billion.

In order to reach at the $1 Trillion mark it needs a 93% increase in its growth, the company promises very strong sign of growth according to the investors.

The company has been so stable that the people who invested in the company have tripled their earnings in a very short period of time.

  • Facebook /- #4 Company to be at $ 1 Trillion.
Facebook Company- Next trillion dollar company
FaceBook – Worlds biggest social media company

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network where people interact with each other irrespective of the amount of miles they are away physically.

It has around 2 Billion plus active id’s, and its pretty huge considering the fact that the world population is around 7 Billion. Facebook has reached every part of the world irrespective of how remotely located that area is or are the people educated enough to use smartphones there or not.

Mark Zuckerburg was recently in news due to the case filed against his company Facebook known as Cambridge Analytic case.  (read more about that case → here←).

Currently Facebook is valued at $510 Billion.Unfortunately, the company has lost around $120 billion due to allegations for spreading fake news and manipulating elections,it needs a growth of 92% to reach the Trillion Dollar mark.

  • AliBaba/- #5 Company to be at $ 1 Trillion.
alibaba company
ALIBABA- China’s E-Commerce Giant

The next company in this list is AliBaba, founded by JackMa. This company is a giant company from China and is giving a strict competition to other giant manufactures from the world.

This company doesn’t produce even a single good on its own, but what it does is that it acts as an intermediate between china’s production units and various countries. The company provides all kinds of goods that too at very cheap price.

Company’s current valuation is at $503 Billion.

Considering the rapid changes taken by the company to tackle with its American competitors, analysts state that this company can hit the Trillion Dollar mark in the next couple of years.

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