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Success story of SUNDAR PICHAI.-Google CEO, Networth,Bio,Cars,Family|| easy language



The success story of this man has been exceptional, to say the least. From being born in a middle-class Brahmin family and living most of the teen life in a two-room apartment, this man has achieved it all with his hard work and dedication.


success story of sundar pichai

The real name of SUNDAR PICHAI IS ” SUNDARARAJAN PICHAI”. He was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

His mother’s name was Lakshmi, she worked as a stenographer and his father, Regunatha Pichai was working as an electrical engineer with a company at GEC. Sundar was living in a two-room apartment in Chennai in his childhood days.

Mr. Pichai studied and got a degree with an ease due to his high excellence from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. His schooling was done in Jawahar Vidyalaya, a Central Board of Secondary Education school in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Vana Vani school was the place from which Sundar completed his Class XII. Also not to forget that during his student life he received many prestigious awards.

His qualifications also include an M.S from Stanford University in Material Sciences and Engineering. An MBA degree is also held by Mr.Pichai which he received from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was named a Siebel Scholar

As we already know that he belonged to a middle-class family and flying to the United States is a very costly affair (especially for a middle-class man) as a result his father had to withdraw more than his annual salary.

Only very few people know that due the fact that what a kind of scholar he was his professors at IIT wanted and advised him to pursue his Ph.D. at Stanford University, however, he wanted an took another alternative that was pursuing his MS from University in Material Sciences and Engineering.

His very first job was of an engineer at Applied Materials after which he joined GOOGLE as Sr. Vice President – Product Management in the year 2004.


success story of sundar pichai

As mentioned earlier that Pichai joined GOOGLE in 2004 and was privileged to get a chance on working for very popular and successful Google products like Toolbar (which increased user searches and also acted as a reason for the introduction of Google Chrome, Google’s very own browser)

He has also contributed to some other products like he also has worked on other products Google Gears and Google Pack before starting working on Google Chrome.

He has also worked an led the area of product management and development and found Google’s client software.

Pichai has also been working as VP of product development in the year 2008, and after introducing Chrome, it was followed by Chrome OS in 2009.

His caliber and growth were at such a fast pace that he was Senior VP of Chrome and apps by 2012.

But we can easily state that he majorly came into the limelight at Google presentations from 2008 and as a result became a very well-known face of Google

In the year 2015, Larry Page announced Pichai to be the Product Chief at Google And finally the big news came in the year later when MR. Sundar Pichai was declared to be the new CEO of Google because Larry Page had decided to retire from Google and take up the responsibilities at Alphabet, Inc. their new holding company.

He has been a source of great motivation and pride especially for Indian’s after becoming the CEO of the world’s best company, but a very few people know that he was also considered a very promising name for the post of  Microsoft‘s new CEO, a job that ultimately went to Satya Nadella who is also an Indian.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Sundar Pichai

success story of sundar pichai

  • Being born in India and being a male you cannot resist to be a huge fan of cricket, he was so passionate about the game that he was captain of his school cricket team.

    Maybe this is the reason that he is so great at leadership.

success story of sundar pichai

  • His family did not have a phone until he was 12. And when he got a phone it was a landline phone.

success story of sundar pichai

  • Before the company Google went public, he had already joined the organization.

success story of sundar pichai

  • He is excellent at memory skills and remembering numbers, he used to easily learn the digits of phone numbers when got the landline phone.

success story of sundar pichai


  • Even today being at one of the topmost positions in the world, he manages to do video call via Skype at IIT Kharagpur.

success story of sundar pichai


  • The Google CEO is a very helpful kind, and majorly a very down to earth person.

success story of sundar pichai

  • The news has also been in the air for some time that Twitter also tried to approach him but Google managed to retain him by offering a great and much more attractive salary package.
 success story of sundar pichai

success story of sundar pichai

Pichai didn’t only manage to get everything in professional life but he also scored well in personal life as he was lucky enough to marry his longtime girlfriend, Anjali Pichai. These lovebirds were classmates and studied together in IIT Kharagpur. The couple is also blessed with two kids- a son & a daughter.

They have a beautiful house in Brooklyn, New York which is estimated at a value of approximately $6.8million. MR. Pichai currently is a resident of U.S and lives there only.


success story of sundar pichai

Well, being at such a prestigious position about everyone wants to know about your salary, coming on the point the salary is suspected to be around Rs 1285 crore, $200 million per annum. his total wealth is around a whooping 1.2$billion.

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