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RATAN TATA BIOGRAPHY || Most Detailed, Easiest Language- Success Story

RATAN NAVAL TATA ( popularly known as Ratan Tata).

A man who has made his mark in this so deep, that every aspiring entrepreneur looks up to him as a role model. He is very well known not only for his way and tactics of doing business, but also for his ethical ways of managing every business operation. You will get everything about MR. RATAN TATA, right from his childhood days, to his schooling and ending up being the most popular personality in the corporate world. Each and every small detail will also be covered in this 

Life SUCCESS STORY of RATAN TATA || Bioraphy  || Childhood, Achievments, Jaguar, land rover, TCS ||

Childhood of Ratan Tata || Early Life and Stuggles of MR. Tata


MR. TATA came into the world on December 28, 1937 in the city of Surat, India. Ratan Tata’s father was MR. Naval Tata and mother was Mrs. Sonoo Tata. He has a younger brother named Jimmy and a step brother as well named Noel Tata

One may think that the early days in the life of MR Tata were amazing and luxurious, due to the fact that he was born in a very rich family. But the reality is pretty different, as when he reached the age of 10, his parents got separated. Being divorced especially in India, is viewed from a negative perspective and social status in society is reduced as well. His younger brother was just seven years old at that time.

Even after his parents being separated, both his father and mother made time to meet their children Ratan Tata and Jimmy, but never came together again, as a family.

This had a deep negative impact on both the children. However, Ratan Tata was being looked after by his grandmother, Lady Navajbai Tata in Mumbai.

Mr. Tata has also mentioned in his various interviews, that his grandmother had a great influence in his life because she taught him how to live a disciplined life, as she was a very strict lady herself. And most of the leadership skills which he has today, are present in him due to his upbringing.

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Education & Schooling of Mr. Tata

education of ratan tata

The starting of his School days began at Campion School and eventually he ended up finishing his school education at Cathedral and John Connon School which are situated in Mumbai.

Later he got his B.S. degree in architecture in structural engineering in the year 1962, from the renowned Cornell University in New York.

Afterwards he got himself enrolled into a program called Advanced Management Program in 1975 from the Prestigious Harvard Business School.

Career of Mr. Ratan Tata 


I will try to give as detail overview as possible in the career aspect in the success story of Mr. Ratan Tata. The professional life was a roller-coaster ride for him. He faced many challenges, both from internal as well as external factors, but the thing that made him succeed in the end was his long term vision and his persistence towards his work.

We will divide his career into various years, in order to make the professional life or Mr. Ratan Tata easily understandable.

  • Year 1962 – Humble beginnings for Mr. Tata

He basically started off his career with doing a normal job in his family business. He used to work with furnaces with other managerial staff. According to him, it was a pretty tough job but it taught him humility and increased the respect for his family business even further.

  • Year 1971 – A year not so good for Mr. Ratan Tata

In this year he was promoted to the position of Director-in-Charge at NELCO (National Radio & Electronics Company Limited). It was done due to the fact that this company was going through a very tough time in relation to it’s finances.

Ratan Tata tried pretty much everything to make the situation better, but economic slowdown and recession didn’t let him achieve his goals. Labor and Union strikes were also another factor which were coming in the way of his success.

  • Year 1977 – Collision with other TATA employees

In 19777, Mr. Tata was given the responsibility of Empress Mills (a company under TATA Group). The mill was facing many difficulties at that time, Mr. Tata had some brilliant ideas to make the mill profitable, but unfortunately, those ideas were rejected by other employees in the TATA group which made the situation a little bit tense.

  • Year 1991 – Big year for Mr. Tata

Mr. J.R.D Tata made a very bold and daring decision, that was to make Mr. Ratan Tata; the chairman of the Tata Group of Companies. We can call it a very bold move as the position which was given to Mr. Ratan Tata was of great importance, and at that time he did not had that much of experience which is required for such crucial role.

This is the reason why some of the other major employees also opposed this decision, but in the end Mr. Ratan Tata proved all of them wrong with his innovative and strategically planned business moves.

Work for INDIA


He also served as member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry. He gave his impeccable piece of advice on different issues in Trade and tried to develop more business friendly policies and strategies in India.

  • Year 2012 – Good Bye time for Mr. Tata

In this year, he retired from the post of the chairman of Tata Group of Companies. This position was taken by Cyrus Mystery, unfortunately Mr. Tata had to eventually remove him from chairman position, as he didn’t work on the same principles which were acting as the backbone of Tata Group of Companies.

Accomplishments of Mr. Ratan Tata 


We know that Mr. Tata always believed in his own ideas, if he believed that something has potential and is worth giving a try, then no matter what other employees say; he always did what he wanted.

One of the best examples of this can be the Tata Nano (worlds cheapest car). None of the team mates with Mr. Tata were ready to take such a risk and believe that a car could be made at such a low cost, but Ratan Tata had already made his mind and he made this idea turn into a reality.

  • There are other countless no. of cases where Mr. Tata has proved that his decisions are always the best, some of them are
  • Reputation for his company at world stage and Financial Stability


When Ratan Tata joined his company as the Chairman of TATA Group and companies, the company didn’t had a good reputation and was not doing that food in terms of revenue.

He came and did some changes in the functioning of the company. As a result, after a couple of years the company was pretty stable financially and was also listed at New York Stock Exchange, which meant global recognition.

He was also able to invest into different ventures and make them successful like Tetly, Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR).

  • Philanthropist and Ethical Works.


Each and every businessman you see do their business only for profit. Yes you might disagree that some of them are also into charity works and all. I do agree with you but to a limited extent only because the businessmen you are talking about are contributing around 10 to 30% their profits in charity work.

Do you know, how much MR. Ratan Tata invests in charity.??

A whooping 65%, yes you saw that correct.

Mr. Tata belives that he is more of a industrialist than a businessman. He wants the nation to grow as well.


After considering the whole life of Mr. Ratan Tata, we can easily say that no matter how hard the situation is, no matter what are your conditions financially, no matter if your team mates believes in your ideas or not; the truth is that if you believe in yourself, if you have that confidence in you.

Then in that case, YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED.!!

Right from handling the mental stress in his childhood days due to the separation of his parents, to getting rejections from his own team mates at several times after joining his company; Mr. Tata was so determined to achieve his targets that he never let these obstacles come in his way.

Moreover, even after struggling so much, he never fails to show his kind heartedness towards his nation and its people. As told earlier that Mr. Tata donates around 65% of his profits in charity related work and is always ready and interested to take part in any activity which is for the benefit of his people and country.

Another incident which proved that Ratan Tata has a heart of gold occurred during the terrorist attacks on Mumbai which included Taj Hotel (owned by Tata Group) on 26 November,2008. After the attack, the TATA group didn’t cut even a single rupee from the salaries of its employees due to attacks and restoration.

Tata Group even gave money to small vendors who were working outside the Taj Hotel with their small businesses, as they were also harmed by the attackers.

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  • Ratan Tata brought worldwide acknowledgment for the Tata Group. This was conceivable through his logical business abilities and He is Keen on keeping up promises so he launched Nano Car taking so much of risk. He is really inspirational for everybody. We should be proud to have such an industrialist in India.

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