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Sarah Sanders asked to leave from Red Hen, for working for TRUMPH.

Sarah Sander forced to leave because she was working for US President – Donald Trump


Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary) tweet

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary)

This incident came into light as when White House press secretary Sarah Sanders posted about the same on Twitter Saturday morning. She explained that how the owner of a restaurant named Red Hen in the Shenandoah Valley forced her to leave for the fact that she was working for Donald Trump.

Around 8 p.m Stephanie Wilkinsonphone rang, the call was made by a chef working at the Red Hen, the tiny farm-to-table restaurant that she co-owned which was situated near the main street in the western part of the state. He informed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary) has just arrived in their restaurant.

The chef also informed that the staff was a little concerned. He asked, ” what should we do?” for which he got a reply, “I said I’d be down to see if it’s true.”

At first, she doubted that if really the woman to which his chef was referring to was really Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary) as it was just a normal 26-seat restaurant in rural Virginia.

As she was coming to the restaurant she was thinking that Lexington whose population is around 7,000 had majorly voted against Trump. The people there had serious issues with current U.S President over the issues like Confederate flags.

Wilkinson believed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has always tried to justify U.S Presidents dirty politics

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reaches Red Hen

When she reached she saw that her staff was not at all mistaken, it was Sarah Huckabee Sanders with her husband and some 3 or 4 men who appeared to be of the same age group. There were some more issues like some of the employees who were working in the Red Hen were gay and knew that Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended a policy of trump which didn’t allow gay people to serve in the military. Also, she defended trump for a policy which may lead to separation of migrant children from their parents.

Wilkinson asked her employees that what they want, if they want them to leave then she will do so. And the employees said “YES”. She went to Sanders and asked her to leave. Sanders took all her stuff from the table, however, all the others were welcomed to stay but they didn’t do so. When they tried to pay them Wilkinson refused by saying that “ ‘No. It’s on the house.’ ”



As expected social media has taken two sides but majorly the people are against the owner of the restaurant. people are saying that irrespective of the political views, one cannot do such a thing or can behave in such a way. Trump’s supporters are highly angry and are showing their frustration on various social media handles and majorly by giving negative feedback to the place on Google. 

This incident came into light several hours before the Tweet made by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary) and was suspected for its authenticity, but after the Tweet, everything became crystal clear.

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