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why reliance jio is FREE.???

why reliance jio is FREE

If you would ask someone in recent times, what is the basic requirement of a human being? what do you think he would answer??

Oxygen, food and all that stuff. But we are now in 21 century and things have changed, and one more thing is now added to that question.


We don’t even know that how much no. of countless hours we are spending on the internet. And Mr Ambani seems to understand that completely.

India has been seen as a nation, where the number of internet users are increasing rapidly, and it is estimated that by 2020 this number would be doubled.

After separation with his brother Anil Ambani (owner of the reliance telecom), he had an eye on telecom sector.

Ambani has spent nearly 2.5 lakh crore on jio. yes, you saw that right. 2.5 lakh crore.

but why is he making biggest investment of his life in this sector?

again the question is

Why reliance JIO is FREE.??

Ambani understood that in this sector, the competition was for voice calls between companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc. also those companies had already made the voice call and data pack prices very high.

he understood the need of the hour and thus acted upon it.

jio focuses to only charge for data packs and provides calls for free.

it troubled all its competitors and the present situation is that all its competitors are trying even to survive.

Initially alot of the telecom operators announced free services following jio’s announcement but due to money constraints couldn’t compete afterall not everyone is an Ambani xD .

Giving these free services has had greater benefit than visible as it has completely knocked of competition of the grid.

As for the money put in reliance has insured such dominance over the telecom sector that it would cover up the cost soon after the start earning revenue.

to understand the whole situation, see the full video.


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