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#8 latest business ideas in 2018. (PROVEN)

Need some latest business ideas in 2018. .??

You will get plenty of them here.

Many people aspire and aim to be an entrepreneur but generally, they lack some good ideas.

This eventually leads to demotivation and a business closes even before it starts.

Different business ideas suit different people differently because of some factors like

  1. availability of funds
  2. lack of knowledge
  3. lack of labor, and many more.

But you should also remember that the latest business ideas can only work if you put your hard work and time into it.



business ideas



  • having some existing skill or are expert in a particular field
  • want to learn a particular skill


People generally keep on thinking of an idea which will make them rich rapidly. this should not happen
Instead of looking for some ‘GET RICH QUICK’ schemes you should look into yourself and find out a particular skill which no one can do better than you, or even if you are not an expert then you could polish those skills.
This generally does wonders for people because most of them have never thought this way before. this trick helps them to choose a field in which they already know what is to be done and how it is to be done.

If you don’t know any skill which can help you generate an income you can consider learning one of them.

These fields have been growing in the recent times, you can consider one of these

If you seriously consider one of the fields mentioned above, you can surely make a business out of it and make serious money out of it.


business ideas



  • have a car or can afford one on EMI basis
  • love to drive
  • want to make
  • want to make a transport business

This can be a very good way to generate a substantial amount of income with minimum skills required, even though the earning is in this field was at an all-time high, a year or two before.

But now also the earning is quite stable people who are willing to give their time and put hard work in this field can easily on up to 100000 rupees per month.

Before going into this field you have to wake up your mind in such a way that you should not be affected by what this society say’s or think’s  especially the Indian society because if you join this field with companies like ola or Uber you are going to be called as a driver.

Examples also show that the people who put serious effort and hard work in this field started only with one car and now they are running 10 to 20 cars each.

Cabs are not only required by ola or Uber but I also required by officers schools hospitals, basically everywhere.
Due to rising environmental issues, the Government of India is also in support of these commercial vehicles which is helping ola and Uber to rise which eventually leading to increased profits of the drivers associated with them.



business ideas



This business idea can do wonders in this field if you have certain knowledge about beauty and cosmetic products.
The income of the people nowadays is increasing and they all want to look good on every occasion.So the demand for beauty and Wellness  is
on a record high.
This business can generate you a huge amount of profits, but to do that you have to keep your prices as low as possible initially because already there is a huge number of competitors in this field so you have to give your customers a reason so that they could be attracted towards your shop.
You could also provide home services for your regular clients doing this will increase your goodwill and customer satisfaction, which will lead to the generation of new customers and eventually more profits.
To build a reputation for yourself you could also join courses of reputed brands like VLCC or any other.
You can face a problem in getting initial customers because no one knows you and what you are capable of.
So you can try doing your work for free for some of your relatives and friends as this will lead to the branding of a shop by word of mouth.


business ideas



  • are able to put 10000 to 12000 rs
  • are willing to do market research
  • who understands the trends of youth.
This industry is making millions of dollars every year as fashion images frequently and the demands of the T-Shirts are on super high.
 This business can be started with a low investment and by low, I mean as low as even 10000 to 12000 rupees.
In this amount you have to arrange a t-shirt printer and some plain colored T-shirts, then you can study the market and find out what’s going to be beneficial according to the taste of the youth. Then accordingly design your t-shirt and sell it out.
Also, if you don’t want to do it at your home, you can design your T-shirt online at websites like mydreamstore.com etc.
This business can earn you lakhs every month but you should keep in mind that the design of the T-shirt should be according to the present taste in the market, otherwise you will not be able to sell any of them.
Once you get to understand the trends in the market you can then deal in bulk which will lead to even more profits.
Before buying a t-shirt printing machine I would suggest that you go in the market to dealers and manufacturers and get to know the price and how the things work. Also, you can contact some of the people in ages between 18 to 25 so you will get a better idea of what the youth wants.



business ideas



  • are good in art’s and craft’s
  • want to do something creative
  • have interest in creating something of their own


If you are a student of arts and crafts or you like art and craft work and have some skills, then you can try building some custom made gifts for occasions like Anniversary, Birthdays and other festivals.
Recently a huge increase has been seen in this industry. People nowadays want to give something unique and handmade to their loved ones,
 this has led to increase in profits of the people who provide such things.
Especially in countries like India where, where there are a huge number of festivals in a year, making custom gifts is not a bad idea at all.
You could start by showing your product first to your friends and relatives and take their unbiased opinion and work on your product, after that you could also sell your products online by learning some digital marketing or you could outsource to someone for marketing purposes.
Once you start to get sales on regular basis you can then hire some people which will do the work for you and eventually you will end up making a huge amount of profit.


business ideas



  • don’t have a particular skill
  • can invest around 20000 to 30000 rs
  • don’t want to work all day long like in a job


If you have a decent space where 5 to 6 children can play games on PlayStation then you can also open up a gaming parlour, because as we know that parents are really worried about the children’s education so every child doesn’t get a Playstation of his own.
They tend to look for places where they can play such games, if you open a gaming parlour in a locality where there are at least 10 to 20 children then definitely you can make profit’s as children cannot resist playing games on such devices.
This idea will not generate you lots of rupees per month but yes definitely it will generate you an acceptable amount of income out of which you can make a decent living.


business ideas



  • are able to invest 1-2 lakhs
  • are able to understand the latest trend
  • have knowledge of dealing with customers
Opening a toy store in any market without doing any research will lead to huge disaster in your business.
If you open a toy store in the market where there are already toy shops, then you will eventually end up making no profits. So there can be one idea which you can implement in a different way to find the best location for your shop.


Basically, you have to look for the hospitals or clinics where children go for regular check-ups.

Opening a toy store in front of that clinic or Hospital will lead to sales because whenever a child will go to the clinic for a checkup he will notice your shop also while coming the same will happen, this will increase the chance of your sales.
While implementing this idea you also have to make sure that the toys you put in your store should be according to the present taste of the children otherwise this idea will be of no use.


business ideas


If you are good at cooking home food then this can be a huge idea as in today’s world where everyone is health conscious and everyone is super busy, they all want to eat something healthy. But most of the people do not have time for it.
People want someone to give them healthy food on time and on regular basis, in this situation the idea of tiffin services arises.
In present world, people who are already in this business and who make good home food are making huge amount of profit
And the reason behind that is only one the Awareness of Healthy lifestyle and nutrition.
Tiffin services generally target people who are
                          1. living away from their home or
                           2. students in hostels and
                           3. working professionals as they are super busy.
To increase your customer satisfaction and revenues you could also provide an option for the customers to customize their food according to their health and nutrition requirements this will eventually make your customers even more satisfied and will increase your Goodwill which will lead to more orders in future.





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