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Elon Musk.  A name which practically proven the fact that  “Nothing is Impossible” in the real world.  A name which has proved itself so well in sectors like business, entrepreneurship, leadership etc, that everyone wants to know each and everything about this man. Right from things like Elon Musk biography and  Elon Musk age to even broader things like Elon Musk companies.

From building spacecraft with the help of reading books to helping poor countries in their space shuttle programmes, from making world’s best electric cars to building a concept like HyperLoop (world’s fastest mode of transport), this man Elon Musk has done it all.  From all over the world, established businessmen, aspiring entrepreneurs, and even multinational companies, all of them have a constant eye on him, just to know that what he is up to in the future.



Some of the positions held by him are

  1. CEO, Lead Designer of SpaceX
  2. CEO of Tesla
  3. CEO of Neuralink

Also, he has created the most successful payment gateway which he eventually sold named PayPal.

Elon Musk Biography – Early Life

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria in South Africa. The name of Elon Musk’s father and mother was Errol (electromechanical engineer) and Maye (dietician and model) respectively. Elon was also blessed with a brother and sister. Elon was so quiet and introvert as a child in comparison with his siblings that his mom sometimes used to think that he is deaf.

Things were very difficult for Elon as at the age of 10 his parents got divorced, and he and his brother both faced the abusive nature of their father as they stayed with him after the divorce. But bad things did not end here for him, he was also bullied, so much so that even today he is very cautious for his children that they don’t have to face the same situations in life, which he went through.

The thing which helped Elon Musk to divert his attention from these bad experiences was programming and coding. He became so good at it that in his teen, he created a code for a game and sold it for around $500. In his teen’s he also got a chance to serve in the army, but to avoid the same he went to Canada and got a citizenship there with the help of his mother. There he got an admission at Queen’s University. It was the time when he met Justin who was an amateur writer back then, eventually, they got married and had 5 children. But unfortunately, they got divorced in 2008.

Afterward, he shifted in the University of Pennsylvania where he took two majors.  Elon Musk got a degree of bachelor of arts in economics and a bachelor of science in physics. After completing these 2 courses, he was pretty sure that he loved Physics, and wanted to do something big in the same area.

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Let’s get to know some numbers now

Elon Musk Biography – Elon Musk Net Worth

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

According to Forbes, his net worth is around $20.2 billion, which was calculated in December 2017. He became a Billionaire with the selling of PayPal. Also, his SpaceX is so big that it is valued at more than $20 Billion.

ELON Musk Biography – Elon Musk’s Wives

Elon Musk has been married twice, first with Justine Wilson who he met at university, back then Justine was an aspiring writer. Later he married Talulah who is an actress, but he divorced her as well. But Elon married the actress again in 2013. In the end, their relationship got over again in 2016.

Elon Musk Biography – Birthday & Nationality

Elon Musk gave his first cry on June 28, 1971, in South Africa. Later he got Canadian citizenship, with the help of his mother. Later in the year 2002, he also got U.S citizenship.

Now let’s move to a more interesting part

Elon Musk Biography that is Elon Musk’s Companies.

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

To give a brief, Elon started various companies and made all of them successful, and that too at a very large scale and at an international level.

Pay Pal – Elon Musk Company #1

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

Very few people know that initially, Elon Musk did not create PayPal all by himself but, it was a result of the integration of two companies. The online payment service company initially founded by Elon Musk was named X.com, this company acquired another company which led to the creation of PayPal, as we know it today. Elon had around 11% of stocks in the same. Later, in 2002 eBay bought PayPal for $ 1.5 billion.

SpaceX – Elon Musk Company #2

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

In 2002, Elon Musk made history by creating a company named SpaceX, with an aim which was never heard before in the private sector. Elon aimed at building a company which can provide low-cost space travel, by building rockets with sustainable fuels.

They year 2008 was big for SpaceX, as it got a contract from NASA to transport some cargo for international space stations. In 2002, Elon Musk finally sent 1000 pounds of cargo into space with the help of rocket named Falcon 9 which was an unarmed rocket. It obviously made history as SpaceX became the first private company to launch its own rocket into space. Musk was so happy that he compared his achievement with winning a Super Bowl. In 2013 Falcon 9 launched another rocket at a distance in space where it was able to match the earth’s rotation. Later in 2015, Elon launched a deep space climate observatory satellite into space which was done with the help of Falcon 9, aimed at observing the effect on power grids and communications by emissions from the sun. Another rocket which was made with reusable parts named Falcon 9 received appreciation from all over the world as it had a successful test flight and landing.

But after so many successes in a row, unfortunately, they also had to face a setback which came in November, when company’s new rocket named Block 5 Merlin engine was destroyed due to an unfortunate explosion, but the good thing was that not even a single employee was hurt.

But this incident was not that fatal that it could stop the companies ambitions towards that particular project.

Afterward, in February and July 2018 the company had some huge achievements with Falcon 9 itself. It was also revealed that Elon Musk plans to send some cargo to mars by 2022 with the rocket named BFR (Big Falcon Rocket)

Elon Musk also got an approval from the U.S govt. to launch another satellite in March 2018. These satellites were launched with the aim to provide internet facilities to rural areas and break the monopoly of certain service providers in the market. ( the same thing which Reliance’s Jio did – check out full story JIO )

Tesla– Elon Musk Company #3

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

Tesla.  A company which has taken the world by storm by making the concept of electric cars a reality and bringing huge innovations in the same field, which eventually resulted to the creation of supercars which ran on electricity. Elon Musk is the CEO and product architect at this company.

The company wants to revolutionaries the world with electric cars and make electric vehicles affordable to common man. The company was formed in 2003, after some years the Tesla showed an electric sports car named Roadster, the car was capable of gaining speeds of 0 to 100 km/hr in just3.7 seconds. It was powered by a lithium-ion battery and could travel up to 250 miles in one charge. In June 2010, Elon Musk offered an initial public offering for Tesla, which raised around $226 million for the company.

Motor Trend magazine also awarded 2013 Car of the Year to Model S, which was Tesla’s first electric sedan. The company was so successful that it took over General Motors in terms of most valuable U.S car maker. The company also aims to build Roadster in 2020 which will be able to take the crown of the fastest car in the world and could reach the speeds 0 – 100 km/hr in just  1.9 seconds.

Later the company’s main focus shifted to produce some of their cars at a large-scale level so that they could meet the demand.

Elon Musk Other Ventures

Other than the above-mentioned companies, Elon Musk also has some other big and innovative ventures.


Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

It is basically a concept in which a tube is laid down, and vacuum is created in it to nullify the effect of friction. As a result, the transport vehicle which is fitted into the tube, in which the people or goods will be transported, reaches to a speed which could not happen in an open environment. In the present day, several test’s have been conducted for the same and they have been pretty successful.

A. I (artificial intelligence)

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

As we know that the world is being taken over by A. I.  The presence and dominance are such that, in every possible gadget that we could think of, there is a processor which runs with the help of A. I.  Elon Musk gives great importance to this technology and believes that A.I is going to run the world in the future. This technology becomes very important for Elon Musk, as the correctness of A.I can make or break the production plans for his companies like Tesla, SpaceX, etc. He himself thinks as an innovator and wants to bring new revolutions in this field so that artificial intelligence could be made more affordable and safer at the same time.

President Trump’s  Advisor

Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

Another big achievement of Elon Musk, other than being a successful businessman and entrepreneur is that he is on board with the current President of U.S as an advisor to him. He helps the president to take the correct decision based on the practical experience that he has in his field. But he also got a lot of criticism on the policy for Muslims by Trump, for which he defended himself by saying that he just wants to create a sustainable world which runs of sustainable modes of resources.

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Elon musk biography, elon musk companies

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