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How to make MONEY in India for Students || #25 Easiest & Proven Methods – Earn Now.!! Time to be the Rich Guy

Every teenager needs MONEY. Its a fact. As we grow up and get into collage, our demands rise and it is not possible to ask money from our parents each and every time. We all look for some ways by which we could earn some money while doing college. If you are also looking for some method by which you could Earn Money while studying in college in India,KUDOS you are on the right page.

So without wasting any further time;

Let’s get started with

How to make MONEY in India for Students - Proven Strategies


I can assure you that each one of you can easily relate with this method. Just look around yourself in your class, you would be able to easily find a couple of students who are making anywhere from 2000 rs to 8000 rs just from giving tutions.

Parents are always in search of a tutor who can make their child understand the concepts and can give enough time. Where can they find a person who is knowledgeable enough and at the same time can work at reasonable prices.

Yes, you thought that right, the place is COLLEGE.

Collage students are pretty knowledgeable as they have just done their schooling and are willing to work for some thousand rupees.

You can easily find a child ( preferably near your locality) who needs a tutor and you can contact his parents and earn by giving tution.

If you can teach a higher class student then you can earn even more by charging them per hour, or you can start giving home tutions which can make you few more bucks.


  • INTERNSHIP – Earn money in college through working flexible hours /- How to make MONEY in India for Students #2


This is another very famous alternative for college going students in order  to earn a few bucks.

This method is much more beneficial to the students (especially who are pursuing job after graduation) as doing internship can add some serious weight in their resume. Internship providers are regularly searching for college students as they are the ones who are filled with enthusiasm and are willing to work rigorously, that too at effective price.

You can pretty easily find some suitable internships for yourself through online mediums like Intershala.

One more thing that I should bring in to your notice is that, the money that you will be getting while doing internship would be just fine for your everyday college expenses; but the main thing on which you should focus is the knowledge and practical training which you will be getting while working in a proper corporate environment.

As you will be getting real exposure to the business field and it will help you a lot in adjusting in the new environment when you join a full time job. Moreover, the money that you get can also be increased, given the fact that you pay attention to what your employer is saying and never giving them a chance to complain.

You should also try to get an internship in the field in which you actually want to do a job in near future.It could could be the field of Marketing, Finance, HR etc according to your choice.



( click on the image below )

best small business ideas



  • DIGITAL MARKETING – Market anything digitally and earn digitally /-How to make MONEY in India for Students #3

EARN MONY BY DIGITAL marketing in college

This a field which is BOOMING.!! that too at  a very fast pace.

Number of Internet users in India are predicted to get double by the year 2020.This has happened due to JIO (who provided free internet) launched by MR. MUKESH AMNBANI ← (CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS SUCCESS STORY) It means that there are millions of Indians who can act as targeted audience for your products.

Digital Marketing is an art by which you can market your product or your client’s product to each and every person through online platform. It has a very wide scope in itself, like for example there are various ways to market products/services online which can be marketing through various social media platforms, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

Let me tell you the truth here, if you expect high earnings that too in a very short span of time, then this is not for you. But if you are wiling to learn this skill and can be patient enough to wait, then i can assure you that this could be the best option for you, not only to earn money during college but also it could be taken as serious career option.

I have seen students making money in Lakhs, YES IN LAKHS, much more than the highest placement package in your college.

They started from nothing, but they were very determined at every step, they knew that results will take time to show, and their wait was worth it.

You don’t need to take admission in a high charging institute to learn digital marketing, you can easily start learning from YouTube and Google, this way you can easily get basic knowledge about how things work in this particular industry and then you can apply those learning in real life projects as well.

Other than that, the demand for digital marketer’s is pretty high as well, due to the fact that people are coming on digital platforms and every business is willing to market their products and services online.

As a fresher digital marketer you can easily earn anywhere between 15000 to 25ooo in any digital marketing agency.


  • WORK AT A STORE – Earn few bucks while working /- How to make MONEY in India for Students #4

earn money in college by working in a store


If you are a person who has no time for learning a new skill and you cant wait a couple of months before income starts flowing in, then this might be the best option for you.

Just look in the market, nearby your locality and check that is there any vacancy available for a helper or any job similar to that. If you are concerned that your known one’s will see you working at a store, and your image will get spoiled or anything like that; then in that case try to find a shop which is away from your locality. But do ensure that there are proper transportation facilities available from your home to the store and vice versa.

Also, considering the cost of travelling as an expense and then agree upon the salary that you will get.

By working in a store, you may not be able to earn to much or it wont help you with your CV as well, but its a good option to earn from day one or to make quick money.


  • SELL YOUR HAND MADE CRAFT –  Be creative and earn money while in college /- How to make MONEY in India for Students #5

earn money by making handicrafts while in college

People are always attracted towards something unique. They are always in search of which could grab their attention, something colorful and if it is made by hands then the price of that item just gets sky-rocketed.

In the last 10 years the digital industry has seen a huge increase in consumers, this has made new websites act a a medium between the hand craft producers and their interested buyers.

As we know that these hand made goods are made especially in Asian countries like India, Hence an idea of making hand made goods in a attractive way can be a pretty good idea.

Also, note that if you have creative mind, or you are the kind of guy who can think outside the box, then definitely you can make good money through this kind of business idea.


  • AFFILIATE MARKETING -Promote other people’s product /- How to make MONEY in India for Students #6

make money through affiliate marketing while doing your regular college

Affiliate Marketing is also a way which has seen huge increase in its use, especially after the rise of internet.

Let me first make you understand the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing, under this concept you are required to work as middleman. You need to promote various products to their targeted customers, and when they make a purchase, you get your reward that is Commission.

Now you may have some Questions like –

  1.  Where can i get these products.??

Simple, just go any online shopping portal like Amazon, Flipkart, E-bay, Myntra etc. They all have an option which they call an ” affiliate “. By becoming an affiliate, you basically sign-up and now you can get each and every product available on these sites, and you can make money.

2.  How will these websites come to know that the sale has been made through my efforts.??

Nice question my friend, the moment you select a product that you want to promote and earn, you will get a link. This will be a unique link which will be associated to your affiliate id only.The moment a person buys something through that particular link, you make a commission.

3. How can i make another person buy a product.??

For this again, you need some patience and the will to learn a new skill. That skill is called digital marketing. You can either start writing blogs around that product and make them rank in search engines or you can run some paid ads through various platforms and make people buy.

4. What is the commission that i will get.??

For different types of products the commission rates differ/-

Before beginning, i would recommend you to do some research on the web and try to find out that what kind of products are easy to market. There are market players who have made millions through affiliate marketing, you can learn a lot from them as most of them have a YouTube channel and provide quality information about the subject.


  • FREE LANCER – Work for flexible hours and earn while studying

make money by freelancing and earn while you are in college

Businesses today do want the headache to hire permanent full time employees, they do not want to spend on things like the insurances of permanent employees, they also want to avoid the cost of infrastructure that businesses need to give a employee to work.

So the question arises, that how does these businesses then manage their work.??

The answer is


Freelancer is that person who is very good in a specific area/skill, and is willing to make money by providing his expertise in the same area to anyone in the world.

Freelancer’s are those persons who don’t have a fixed time of working, it depends upon them that at what time in the day or night they will work and meet the deadline given by the client. This profession is gaining limelight in the last 5 years or so, thanks to websites like Fiver, Upwork etc.



(click on the image below)

Stock market for beginners - How to invest
How to win at Stock Market
  • SURVEY PARTICIPATION –  Earn by sharing your opinion in college

participate in online surveys and earn while in college

If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t to spend his efforts and  time in learning a new skill and would be happy if he could make little money around 5,000 to 8,000 then this this method may be the best alternate for you.

Each and every business wants to make money, in order to do that they need to develop their product and services in such a way that it gives the user maximum satisfaction.

To do this more effectively, businesses need the reviews and suggestions from general public i.e from normal guys like you and me.

You can easily find some websites, which act as a medium between the companies who want to obtain user feedback and the people who want to participate in these kinds of surveys and earn.

I repeat that don’t expect the earning to be very high from this method, it can be used just for daily basic expenses of a college going student.


  • PTC WEBSITES – Earn money while you click, without interrupting your college

click on ptc websites and earn in college

You may be wondering that why a person or any company would pay me for a mere click. Right.??

But trust me its True.!!

Basically PTC website’s stand for Pay To Click websites. These websites have their own network of people who just want clicks on their advertisement from different IP addresses. that is from different computers.

This way it becomes beneficial for all the 3 parties involved in this process as the person who wanted clicks got the same, the website who acted as a medium between the supply and demand got its commission, and the ultimate user who is a normal guy like you and me made some money by just clicking on some random advertisements.

These websites also pay you for viewing some ads, in some cases you don’t need to click on a particular advertisement but you just need to watch some of the ads and you make money, in return.


  • YOUTUBE – Make videos and earn in college

make youtube videos and earn money while doing regular college

This is perhaps the most popular and the most over rated option for all you college going students.

I call the highly over rated not because it doesn’t pay you well or you cannot take this as a a serious career option but i do so because of the rumors which are spread across all of us.

Every one just sees every You Tuber as if he makes millions, that too in a very short span of time. I want to break this myth that YouTube makes you a millionaire within a couple of months.

After you have understood the fact that yes YouTube can make you rich, but only if you are willing to give it time and all your effort.

Let me give you a basic idea of how various you tubers earn. They earn through Google Ad Sense. This is a platform launched by google. All the websites and YouTuber’s who want to get their channel monetized through google, have to get an approval from Ad Sense.

It basically acts as a medium between the people who want to show their advertisements to the world and various people who want to place these ads on their websites and YouTube channels and make some money.

Another very famous way by which you-tubers’ make money is, brand  promotions. When after some time you start getting some decent number of views on your channel and you start building your own subscriber base,  then the companies which are related to the field about which you make videos will contact you and try to convince you so that you could show their product in one or more of your videos.

Also to note that the concept of Affiliate Marketing can also be applied once you have gained a good number of followers and subscribers.


  • CREATIVE SKILL – Learn a art and earn while in college

apply your creativity and earn while doing regular college

Just look back in your life. Around 3 to 4 years ago, when you were in school.

Were you the kind of a student who participated in every event, whether it be for your exceptional skills in any kind of dance, singing, any kind of artwork etc.

If you possess any kind of expertise in any kind of skill, then you can easily make good money while following your passion. Many people search for a good trainer who could give them proper time, and economical fee structure.

You can easily fit in such a scenario, as you don’t need any kind of degree to prove your flawlessness in the field in which you are good in.You can convince your targeted customer by showing videos and samples of your skills.

For example – You are pretty good at Bhangra (traditional dance of Punjab), but you are struggling to find a student, by teaching whom you can earn. In such a situation you can go to various dance schools and tell them your case.

Majority of the dance schools will agree to provide you the contact of people who want to learn Bhangra at their home, in return they may charge you a commission which you can pay them after you receive your first payment.

Also, you can give online tutorials for such kind of services. Learning any kind of art through digital mediums may not be a very popular choice in Asian countries, but it has a huge market base in Western countries.

If you get a digital student online, then you can make good money and keep on following daily college life.


  • CAMPUS AMBASSADOR – Promote a brand in college and earn money

promote a brand in your regular college and earn money

credits – melangeeevents.in

As a college going student, i can assure you that you must have noticed some of your friends working as campus ambassador’s for various companies and startups.

So the question is

Why do they do so.?? And do they get in return.??

The simple answer is,

They get various monetary and non-monetary benefits in the form of gift hampers, free products etc.

Various startups who cannot afford to hire permanent employees, look for students in colleges who are willing to promote their brand for some side income.

If you are a kind of person, who can influence other people and can make a very good and bold impression of himself in front of others. In that case this could be a very suitable option for you as the main motive behind hiring students is that they could promote the brand they are working for. This could only be done only if the person had very strong inter-personal skills, and who is not an introvert type of person.

You can easily find this type of work, through various mediums like Internshala.com and various Facebook Groups related to this subject only. Also you can look at the canteen area of your college and you may find a couple of posters inviting students for the same type of work.

Also to note that these types of companies and startups also provide various certificates and letter of recommendations which would look fabulous on your resume and will have a very positive effect on your career.


  • M.L.M BUSINESS MODEL – Refer and earn while studying

earn in college through mlm marketing

M-L-M stands for  – Multi Level Marketing.

This business model is basically based on referring model, where an employee invites and make other people join his company. These people are majorly  those people who will work to make more and more people join their company, and this cycle will keep on rotating.

In majority of the cases, when a person makes another person join the company then after that he gets some commission and whenever the person who recently joined the company makes a purchase, from that purchase also the initial person gets the commission.

This type of work has been very rewarding to students who have no introvert type of attitude and and ready to attend countless number of meetings in order to pursue a target client and make him join the company.

Students have also been able to earn in Lakhs just because they were consistent in what they were doing and, slowly and gradually the number of people who joined their company with their referral became so high in numbers; that the amount they got due to this mass joining was pretty handsome.

This whole process can also be understood by the concept of Affiliate Marketing (which is explained above).


  • BLOGGER – Share your thoughts and earn

make money through your blog while in college

Trust me. This things pays really WELLl.!!

It Really Does..!!

But as in the case of YouTube, this profession is also highly over rated, for the same reason that i consider YouTube to be over rated. The reason is that people thinks that they can earn in lakhs from this, which i completely agree. But the problem is that they think, they can do it within a span of 2 or 3 months, which is not true at all.

Just like YouTube you also need to learn the skill of Blogging, you need to give it some time, at-least 6 to 7 months. You also need to be patient because you will make a lot of mistakes within this time, but what will help you succeed is the fact that you never gave up and you kept on improving those mistakes.

Blogging in itself is pretty huge and has various dimensions, you really need to invest some time on learning the basics of blogging, which you can easily learn through the web.

Starting blogging without even knowing the abc of blogging will just give you disappointments and stress.


  • CAMPAIGN VOLUNTEER – Generate leads and earn while pursuing college


This one is pretty different from being an Campus Ambassador.

In this method, you need to look out for various events happening in your town irrespective of the nature of the event. This is because no matter what kind of event is being organized, organizers need to have volunteers to manage the on field related tasks.

For this, they generally don’t go to big event management companies as it is not at all cost friendly for them, what they do instead is that they try to find out college going students who can help them in making the event successful by managing various on field tasks and in return they are happy to provide those students with some good cash.

You need to give around 2 to 3 days of your time if you want to be a campaign volunteer as one day will be the actually day when you need to work and other days will be your training days.

Other than the money you will get, other benefits may also include some good refreshments and maybe a selfie with your favorite star. 😀


  • BABY SITTING – Take care of children and make money in collage

EARN in college through baby sitting

This method is one of the most under rated ways to earn money as a college going student. Baby sitting can seriously make some good money for females, specially if they love kids.

We know that the era in which we are living in, is the era of speed, the era of making money and rushing towards our professional goals. In this race, often people who are pretty ambitious find it very difficult to be present at home when their child arrives from his school.

This creates the demand for a good babysitter, as the people who want a baby sitter are already making very good money and will be more than happy to pay the person who can actually take pretty good care of their child.

Before considering this option, I request you all to think twice, because its is a very big responsibility for you to handle as one small mistake of your’s can seriously harm the baby, and the matter could go to police also as parents are very protective about their child.


  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Learn photography and earn

earn by being a photographer in college

Thanks to the increasing craze for social media, where every one just wants to look good in front of the camera so that they could show the world, this has created a huge demand for professional photographers or the people who could take some decent photos as well, for that matter.

Gone are the days when only the young ones wanted to look good in their social media pics and elders didn’t even bother to make a social media account of their own.

Today the scenario is completely different, everyone and i mean literally everyone, right from 13 years of age to 60 years, each one of us want to look fabulous in our pictures. This can be done pretty effective with a good camera and some skills of photography.

You can easily make your own photography Fb Page and start promoting yourself to get clients or you can even just tell everyone about your skills, and i am pretty sure that you can get a couple of shoot orders from your class only.

I would suggest you that you should consider buying a good second hand camera, instead of spending too much on a high priced product especially when you have not even started earning.


  • SELL YOUR STUFF – Sell useless & unused stuff, make money in return

earn in college by selling your stuff

This is a method by which you can easily make money, that too without wasting your time in learning a new skill.

But trust me , i would suggest you that you should use this way only if you need money on very urgent basis, as this method will work only once or twice at maximum.

Our households, especially Indian households store a lot of stuff which they don’t even use or they don’t even require. They never try to sell or throw them out because we always believe in the fact that one day all these outdated items would be used, but deep inside we all know that, that day will never come.

You can easily find a couple of items in your home which you have not used since several years and which you can sell so that no one will come to know, that you have sold something.

In order to get a much better deal than in scrapyard, i would suggest you to list your items for sale at various websites like Olx.com and various others.


  • AMAZON SELLER – Find a suitable niche and make money, while in college

sell stuff on amazon and earn money wile in college

Believe me guys, this method can make you tons of money.

But this requires your hard work and a lot of research. You basically need to sell your stuff on Amazon.com (worlds best eCommerce store).

So the question is that

How will you get these products for selling.??

For this, you need to travel and contact a lot of manufacturers and make convince them to sell to you at the price at which you could also make some money via reselling on Amazon.

You can also import some of the products from China via websites like Alibaba.com, this way you can get the products at extremely low prices and afterwards you can make money by reselling them on Amazon.com

Doing some product research on Amazon can also be pretty useful as this is the ultimate marketplace where you have to sell your products and make your fortune. Knowing the ways and strategies, and how this particular marketplace operates will always come in handy.


  • DROP SHIPPING – Market your product and earn money in college

make money in college through dropshipping business model

This model of business has also gained a lot of attention in the previous years.

Under this method, you need to sell your products online but you don’t need to manufacture them, neither do you need to maintain your stock.

This basically works as a model where you make money when you help some other manufacturer get an order for themselves and deliver those products on your name.

Let me help you understand this concept in single language /-

First you need to contact a manufacturer and make him agree to provide you his manufactured units but not in bulk but in single units when you order him.

After this you need to get orders online through your marketing skills and place them to the manufacturer, with whom you have already made the deal that he will provide you manufactured units in single piece, that too at wholesale prices.

I know that this method will take time, but trust me once you do that, it is going to repay you very well.


  • VIRTUAL /  DIGITAL ASSISTANT – Assist someone and make a few bucks

be an assistant to client digitally and earn in college

We all know that people need personal assistant to manage their everyday work. And the people who need these type of assistance are those who are already doing very well in their own respective fields.

It means that if any one is able to assist them efficiently, they are more than happy to pay them good amount.

If you are thinking of giving this idea a try then you can easily find a job of being virtual assistant through various online trusted sites.

This type of methods are generally not known to many people, but those who know; make handsome amount of money.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND –  Build a brand for various businesses in college, earn money in return

make money through social media in college

Every business wants to market themselves, each one of those need to show their advertisements to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Considering the fact that social media has shown tremendous growth in its number of users, it basically means that there are tons of people, to whom ads can be shown and profits can be increased.

What you need to do is, analyze each and every business and understand their way of operations, so that the results that they want from social media branding can be understood.

It is very crucial step because every business is pretty different from each other and the needs are different as well, in such a scenario one strategy which has proven itself for some businesses might not work as expected for other businesses.

Moreover you can help various businesses to get more connected with their clients and potential customer, and in return increase their goodwill and customer satisfaction.


  • SELLING WATER – Find the profit gap and earn

earn in college through selling water

I know this might be sounding pretty crazy to you. Just give me two minutes, and let me explain it to you.

This idea will be beneficial for those who don’t consider any work big or small.

In this you need to buy water bottles from a very big whole seller (as he will provide you very good rates) in bulk (not less than 50 at least). After this you can sell it where there a lot of movement of people happen like Railway Station and other places.

You can make around 7 to 8 RS per bottle you sell.

If you are able to sell even 50 bottles per day then, 50 × 8 =400. It means that you can easily make 12,000 per month.


  • DELIVERY BOY – Work for few hours and earn while studying

earn in college through delivering goods

This method will also work for those, who consider that no job is small or big, you just need to out everything you got.

We can easily see hundreds of delivery boys working for various companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy etc.

But i working for companies like Amazon and Flipkart would mean that you have to give your whole day, which is not possible for you as currently you are college going student.

In such a case, you can easily work for companies like Swiggy, which provide you the flexibility about the hours in which you want to work, and earn accordingly.

This option is pretty good for college goers as 90% of students have a Scooty or a bike, and these are the only things which are required if you want to earn through this methods.


  • E-COMMERCE STORE –  Build your own digital store and earn

open an online store and earn in college

You must have heard of this option before also, you must have seen pretty young ones making it very big through their e-commerce stores. An e-commerce store is basically a digital store where you can buy digital as well as physical products.

Either you can apply the concept of Drop-shipping, or you can manufacture your own products and market them online.

But you should not forget that you also have to bring quality visitors to your e-eCommerce  store in order to make sales, and eventually Profit.







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