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Earn Money Online by Typing | Typing & Captcha Jobs. {15 Best & Proven Method’s} EARN NOW.!!

Internet is booming at an ever increasing pace. As a result, we get unlimited number of opportunities to make money, ONLINE.!! One of the most popular ways to make money online is to Earn Money by Typing and solving Captcha’s.

So without wasting any more time, Lets get started with /-

  • Article Writing for Online Portals- Earn Money by writing articles for various platforms

This method is one of the most popular ways in the field of earning money online by typing.

We all know that every business wants to get customers, and what better way to do this, than going Online. By going online, I mean the business needs to create a good online reputation through website and social media.

To do this more effectively, they need to generate content more and more content related to their product and services.

It is very important that the content which is being uploaded, whether in the form of articles or social media posts, should be written in a professional manner as it conveys the credibility and seriousness of the company to its customers.

Also, the writer should have a good understanding about the product or service for which he/she is going to write about. It directly has a positive impact on the attractiveness and user friendliness of the content.

The content should be designed in such a way that it engages the user till the end and makes him to click on the CTR (click to response) button.

You can seriously consider this as a option because due to boom in internet marketing, the need for content writers is very high.

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  • Free Lancing Websites  Get writing projects online, and earn through home.

You must have heard this word at least a couple of times, especially after internet growth, and that word is ” Free Lancing”. It basically means that you can work for anyone at the comfort of your home.

Freelancing is possible because of  the Internet, as the projects which are taken in Free Lancing project can be easily completed through a laptop.

Free Lancing model is gaining its popularity in the field of Earning Money Online by Typing.

The next question is that from where we can get these type of projects,

The answer is, FreeLancing Websites. There are various websites available on the internet which work as a medium between the demand and supply for various kinds of projects.

Some of the famous ones are

  1. Fiverr.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. iWriter.com  and many more.

These freelancing websites are of a great use to the person who is looking to get his work done because if he would have hired a professional to do his work, then in that case he has to pay him salary and incur other expenses related to a regular employee.

Whereas in this case, he has no such burden.

Also, it is of a great use for the working professional, as he does not need to go anywhere, and he can provide his services from the comfort of his home.


  • Translating Jobs – Just convert & Earn

The world is full of countless number of languages, regions, cultures, religions etc. This creates a barrier in communication between different people.

Hence, as a  result it creates an income opportunity for those who can translate between two languages, and help the person understand what the speaker is trying to say.

As you know that there are millions of website out there, trying to convey there message to different people, irrespective of their language.

This creates a situation where high a number of websites need a translator who can easily convert their content into the u language understandable by other person.

Other than these websites, a high number of publishing houses also require these kinds of professionals, as they have to target the whole world with their news.

These kinds of projects can also be easily taken through websites liker Fiverr.com , as a mentioned earlier.

This method is one of the most underrated methods for Earning Money Online by Typing, according to me.

  • Captcha Jobs – Just copy some words & Earn

Most of the people don’t know that even this type of work can make you money.

In this you need not to be creative in writing, neither you have to apply any kind of brain in this work.

Before understanding, how can we make money from it. Lets first understand that what is a Captcha.

You must have used internet a lot, and while signing up on different websites or surfing on the web, you may have seen a slightly blurred text, which you have to enter in the box below that text. 

how to earn money online

It is basically a security step taken by the website to ensure that the login which is being made, is made by a genuine user and not any computer bot.

Now we get to the earning point, there are some websites which require you to type the Captcha provided by them to you and in return, they pay you.

You must be wondering that why anyone would pay you for solving Captcha, the answer is that there are some big giants in the world who need to login in millions of accounts for different sites, and they don’t have time to do it manually, so they hire some people who can do the same for them.

You can easily get these types of jobs online. This type of work is suitable for those who do not want to think a lot and do creative writing and want to Earn Money Online by Typing.

  • Documentation Jobs –  Create documents & Earn

As we know that there are very high number of startups emerging in present environment, these startups are not very highly funded, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to maintain proper documents and papers for their business.

Earlier, irrespective of the funding strength of any startup, all of them had to appoint a permanent employee in order to maintain their documents and papers, but now the trend is changing.

Businessmen don’t want to spend on the expenses of a regular employee, instead they go for a cheap and convenient option. That is getting it outsourced, it means that they hire some people who can look after their documentation and business papers, but not on regular basis.

They search for a person who is good in handling business documents, skills like MS Word, MS Excel etc is highly needed.

Here also, some websites act intermediate’s between businesses and professionals.

This is also a very good option to Earn Money Online by Typing, but unfortunately, it is not known to many.

  • Converting Videos into Documents –Convert & Make Money

This method of making money online through typing has a very small market but can easily give a handsome amount of money to those who are willing to do it.

At first, no one believes that someone would pay him/her just to convert a video into a document, But trust me Its TRUE.!!

There are countless number of companies who run digital ad campaigns to acquire a client or any kind of lead for their business.

They do it through videos as well, but some customers prefer to read a document, so to convey the same thing to the client companies also need to convert some videos into documents.

This work is pretty easy as there is no creative writing involved in this.

Other than that, as we know that YouTube is growing at an ever increasing rate, as a result the content available in the format of a video is also growing. There are some really good YouTube channels who are putting really good content and informative videos.

Other people who are in the same field and want to take some help from the content of videos also require these videos to be converted into documents. These people are generally from various publishing houses from all over the globe.

This can also be a very good option to Earn Money Online by Typing.

  • Virtual Assistant – Assist Someone and Make Money By Typing

I am pretty sure that you all may be knowing that who an assistant is and what he does.

By the word itself, it is very clear about the job description.

Basically you just have to assist and help any person by managing his clerical work and helping him concentrate on other important and crucial issues.

There  are a lot of people online, who have very good established businesses and they need someone to assist them in smaller work like documentation, writing letters, maintaining databases etc, but they don’t need them on regular basis basis.

As a result,  these businessmen tend to look for professionals who can just work as a free lancer for some time and just help them with their business documents, and in return they are more than happy to pay them a handsome amount.

Being a Virtual Assistant is all about being in touch with your client for some hours and doing his work exactly as being told by him to you.

You can easily connect with your client via Phone, Internet etc, and can help him do his normal routine work more effectively and efficiently.

You can easily find a person who is looking for a virtual assistant online with the help of some FB Groups and other related forums.

  • Online Surveys – Just Type in a Form Online & Earn

This is also one of the most under rated methods when it comes to Earning Money Online by Typing. You may have heard of some big companies surveying its targeted market to get more knowledge about their customers.

This creates a space for thousands of normal consumers like you and me, who keep on using daily consumer products on regular basis. We are the best people for any company to get real and authentic response, so they (companies) can get a real scenario of the market and in return can improve their product even further.

Some of the most reliable website in case of earning online by filling surveys are

  1. Swagbucks.com
  2. Toluna.com
  3. OnePoll.com
  4. I-Say.com
  5. Panel Opinion.com
  • Back-End Assistants – Help a Small Company & Make Money Online.

You must be wondering that the point of being a Virtual Assistant is already explained above. then what is the need to discuss it again. And is there any major difference between a Virtual Assistant and a Back-End Assistant.

Yes, there is a difference.

In case of being a Virtual Assistant, you have to manage the client’s work for the time being only, when he is connected to you, after the communication gets disconnected, then there is no need to work for him in any manner.

Whereas, in case of Back-End operator, the job does not depend on the communication between you and the client. It is basically more simple.

The client just gives you some work like making some calls, filling some sheets, maintaining some databases etc. In this scenario, you do not need to be online with your client, each and every second.

Here also, the role of intermediaries is played the same websites which are mentioned above in the Free Lancing Websites column.

  • Copy & Paste Jobs – Just Copy Text & Earn

This is perhaps one of the most easiest jobs of them all, when it comes to Earn Money Online by Typing .

This job doesn’t require any individual to have any qualification or any specific skill.

But, I should be honest with you. If you are expecting a very handsome amount of money from this work, then this work is not for you.

You can easily make average amount of money but do not expect something exceptional.

Various companies have extremely large databases, and they need to maintain it regularly. To do this in a proper and sorted manner, these companies need to keep their data in various formats like MS Excel, MS Word, Spreadsheet.

For this they need someone to enter various data types into various formats as told above, in this the person just needs to copy and paste the information but at proper place and columns.

The work which is given, has data of thousands and lakhs people and the person has to enter the same at proper places and in appropriate manner.


best small business ideas

  • Data Formatting – Just Make some changes in data & Make Money

As by the wording itself, you must have understood that what this job requires you to do.

In this scenario also, there are large companies involved which have data bases of thousands of people and they want to maintain it in a proper manner.

The data which is already being kept by the company is in pure raw form, it means that in order to make the data more understandable and sensible, one needs to edit it and make some changes.

Generally, changes like

  1. The size of font
  2. Type of fonts
  3. Bullets and numbering
  4. Lining
  5. Spacing etc.

needs to be done so that the data can be showed to higher positions in the company and some result can be derived from it.

It is a very attractive option for those who are searching for ways to Earn Money Online by Typing, as anybody who knows or have some basic knowledge of computer can easily do this work from the comfort of his home.

  • Image to Text – Just convert some pictures & Earn Money

Some publishing houses and companies also need to covert some pictures into word documents, and they need to convert thousands of images on daily basis.

For this also they need someone who can just write the information which is already written on the image in the word file.

To find these kinds of publishing houses, you can just mail them at their official mailing address and can find some projects for yourself. Unfortunately, this methods is not known to many when it comes to Earn Money Online by Typing.

  • CV Writing Write for Somebody’s Career & Make Easy Money

Just look around you, everyone just wants to get a job. For this they spend lakhs of rupees and crucial years of life as well.

But the main point which decides the fact that whether they will get the job or not, is their CV. It basically shows all your achievements and capabilities in one paper to your recruiter.

You may not know this fact that their are certain professionals who are trained specially for this kind of job, they are trained to explain more in less words, because of the fact that there are limited number of words which can be used on a piece of paper.

Other important factor is, the use of technical & professional words so as to make the CV more engaging and appealing to the recruiter.

You can easily learn how to write a professional looking CV for any kind of profile with the help of YouTube and Google. Other than that you can also have a look at the CV’s of high professionals and take a clear picture of how good CV should look like.

Once the learning part is done, I recommend you to write some CV’s for free, it can be for your friends, colleagues etc. It will help you to sharpen your skills even further and also you will get an honest feedback from the people, for whom you have written CV’s for.

When you are confident enough that you can write a professional looking CV for any desired profile, then you can easily put your profile on some websites like

  1. Fiverr.com
  2. Upwork.com etc.
  • Updating Databases – Constantly Update Details & Make Money.

As from the heading itself, you must have figured it out that what kind of work, i am am talking about.

But, you must be wondering that how is this point different from the above mentioned points related to databases.

Let me explain, in the above points you need to get a project done by entering certain already given data into pre-designed databases.

But, here you need to keep on entering data in a proper manner in company’s database, on daily or weekly basis. It means that here you will not get a predefined number of entry’s that you have to make, but you will be working for some time irrespective of the number of entry’s you have to make, in order to keep the database updated.

  • Copywriting – Write for Brands & Make Money

Copywriting can be considered as a mirco-niche in the field of writing for online brands and websites. It majorly focuses on writing content and using words and phrases in it, in such a manner so that the reader gets more engaged and ultimately makes him to take the desired action.

The desired action can be something like to buy something online,  share the content, comment etc.

Most of the company’s who hire Copywriting professionals are the ones who are need to sell their product online, by promoting it through text based articles, Info-graphics, images etc.

To be efficient in this work, one needs to be highly creative and should have a deep understanding of how to use permutation and combination of different words.

It is because of the fact that attention span of the modern day mobile user is limited to only 4 or 5 seconds. In this time only, copywriters have to convince the reader to read more and more and ultimately take the desired action in the end.




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