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Some people are born rich, other make themselves so talented that Wealth & Fame kisses their feet. Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI is one of those stories.

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of the Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI, and we will try to have a good understanding about the struggles and every other aspect of his life which made him this successful.

Many of us who aspire to build a business for themselves consider ourselves unlucky due to the lack of funds and for not being born in a business family. But success stories like of Dhirubhai Ambani, proves that being financially strong doesn’t assure your success in business, anyone with his handwork, talent and persistence anyone can succeed in any field in which he wants to.

Lets get started with /-

DHIRUBHAI AMBANI – Real Life Success Story

  • Birth and Early Career of Dhirubhai Ambani /-


Dhirubhai Ambani made his first cry on 28 December, 1932 in Junagadh, Gujrat State when India was under British rule. He was the son of a village school teacher, which means that Dhirubhai had very humble beginnings.

When he reached his teens, around the age of 17 Dhirubhai left for Aden (A British Colony). His younger brother was already employed there. 

Dhirubhai was working for a private company named Besse & Co, at the position of clerk. This company was basically meant for trading in stocks and was one of the largest trading firms at that time. So as a result, Dhirubhai got a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of business from working there and Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI  actually got a real boost from here.

Afterwards, Dhirubhai worked as a employer while he was in Yemen. He then came back to India with a mere sum of Rs.- 15000. When he came to India he realized the opportunity of opening a business in the textile industry, & eventually he did the same by starting a company in 1958.

  • Wealth & Career of Dhirubhai Ambani /-


He also was very keen to explore new business opportunities as well, as a result he started trading in the business of spices,betel nuts, sugar, jaggery etc.

One thing which has made Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI successful is the fact that he had his vision very clear, he knew at that time, that if he wants to make big profit then he has to adopt the model of less profit and high quantity. 

He did the same and the consumer market turned out to be quite favorable for him. He was also determined to provide goods at nominal price but at high standards of quality.

Soon he started trading in yarn and after a couple of years his company was also able to provide very good dividends to its shareholders, which was a very impressive thing at that time. He was so successful in this business that he was also honored with the position of Director of the Bombay Yarn Merchants Association.

He also opened a textile mill in Naroda, Ahemdabad in 1966, he was so serious about this factory that he traveled from Bombay to Ahmadabad every week just to ensure that every work is being completed with effectiveness and efficiency.
However, even after producing the finest quality of Nylon (a fabric), the whole sellers were not ready to buy from him, they were not willing to give up on the already established mills.
After seeing this, Dhirubhai himself went to countless number of retailers and sold his production himself. Seeing this kind of dedication towards his work, everything in the industry was shocked and impressed at the same time.
After that the demand increased, and so did the profits and Reliance family.
Dhirubhai kept on struggling for many years and built a whole brand which we know today i.e. Vimal.

After getting a letter of appreciation from the World Bank, Reliance saw a huge increase in its goodwill and share price, which was directly very beneficial for the company.


As of now, in the year 2019 the total assets of Reliance group (founded by Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani) is estimated at ₹816,348 crore (US$110 billion), which is a huge figure in itself, and as a result Mr. Mukesh Ambani is the most richest person in India.

Retirment of Dhirubhai Ambani /-


Everything was going pretty good in the Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI but health issued had some other plans.

In 1986, Dhirubhai Ambani suffered a stroke after which he gave the responsibility of his business to his two sons Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani.

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However, Mukesh Ambani joined the company at a very low position so that he could get the real understanding of how the company actually works. He was given a major position in the company after actually serving the company at the minimum level.

Major ACHIEVEMENTS & awards of Dhirubhai Ambani /-


With his clever mind and high intellectual knowledge, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani made countless number of decisions which were questioned by everyone at first, but as time passed by ,those decisions proved the visionary mind and intelligence of Dhirubhai Ambani correct.

Some of the major achievements without which this Real Life Success Story of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI cannot be completed are /-

  • Changed the whole textile industry

As explained above, when Dhirubhai Ambani came back India from Yemen, he saw a business opportunity in the textile market, but due to middlemen and resistance to change acted as main hurdles in the success of Dhirubhai Ambani’s textile mill.

But he was so determined that still he not only convinced the retailers to buy his factory products but also made his factory one of the largest textile producers in the country.

  • Brought the concept of Equity in India.

The business environment in which Dhirubhai Ambani was working was full of financial institutions and some handful of big investors, Dhirubhai found of a gap where a common man can also invest in the companies i.e. shares and can make some money as well.

As a result he actually built the Reliance brand with the money of common investors and proved himself correct by distributing handsome amounts of dividends to it’s stakeholders.


  • Dean’s Medal, Lifetime Achievement Award for Corporate Excellence and Man of the Century award.
  • ABLF Global Asian Award at the Asian Business Leadership Forum Awards.
  • Man of 20th Century’ by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).




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