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How to earn by affiliate marketing.- A GUIDE.!!


AFFILIATE MARKETING is a term by almost everyone is aware with, especially the people who are interested in MAKING MONEY ONLINE.← ( CLICK HERE ).

for those who don’t know about affiliate marketing here is an explanation

consider yourself as a middleman here, and these middlemen are generally called affiliates. Basically, you will be provided with a unique link and if anyone makes a purchase with your link, then you will be paid according to the commission rates.

for example,

you sign up with Amazon affiliate, then you will be provided with unique links for each of the products you choose to advertise.

you have to perform certain marketing strategies so that you will be able to attract customers and eventually end up buying from your link.

mistakes that most affiliate marketers make ( newbies )

1. Focusing on money initially –

the term ” affiliate marketing” seems exciting to many because of the money portion related to it. almost all of us as beginners are inspired by the amount of money that successful people in this field has made. 

we need to understand that a countless number of hours have been spent by them in building the email lists or to building the perfect marketing strategy which works for them.

also, you need to advertise the value that the product is offering and not the product itself. if you don’t do this then it seems that you are just concerned with selling your product and not with the benefit of the customer.

consider finding the way to market your product and build an email list. it will be much beneficial in the long term.

2. Promoting every product

You really can’t promote each and every product available in the market. doing this you won’t be able to generate much trust in your audience.

I highly recommend you first choose a niche based on your interest and practicality.

for example – health and fitness, fashion, electronics etc.

doing this will increase your selling ratio as you are very much particular about your offering and have built an audience which trusts you.

See this tutorial to succeed as an affiliate marketer


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